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Our products are developed in cooperation with top professional advisors and experienced manufacturers and undergoes an ongoing quality control before, during and after production. Our concept was developed in the desire to make top-quality products attainable for any purse. Below you will find information about some of our products.



There are basically two types of balls; 2-piece and 3-piece balls. Are those produced with a solid core and 1- or 2 outer layers of the right materials, they will – regardless of price – fly roughly the same distance, no matter who strikes to the ball. The fundamental difference between all golf balls in the market, are the dots in the balls – the so-called dimples. These dimples make the air stick to the lower side of the ball whilst the air over the top of the ball move faster, which makes the ball spin. These dimple patterns represent the most significant difference in ball flight and performance, and are crucial – particularly on your short game – where you thru the spin can make the ball stop, when it lands (backspin).
Our golf balls are produced in Taiwan, by one of the leading ball manufacturers in the world. The balls are tested annually by the USGA – the US Golf Association, and by none other than R & A in Scotland. The balls meet all their requirements and are approved for golf on both the PGA and European Tours.



Our gloves are manufactured in a top class factory in Indonesia from the finest materials to ensure exceptional comfort and durability. We make two versions: a full leather (Cabretta) and an all weather version. They come only to right handed players and for ladies as well as for men. Remember to check your size – you will find a measurement form under the menu  GLOVES



All SJOOT products are tested AND approved; balls by the two finest institutions in the world namely USGA and by R & A, for use in international tournaments. All other equipment is tested by professionals as well as by amateur players, and we have listened to everyone’s comments and what you see on this site are the final result of these efforts, which we continuously work to do better. Your comments – good or bad – are always welcome.





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