Golf swing analyzer

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Swing Analysis with ZONE – the world’s lightest GSA device – weighing only 9 grams. With this ZONE device, you can train and analyze your swing via your mobile phone and receive 10 different information about your swing. Through patented technology its measures, very precisely: consistency, clubhead speed, swing speed, impact force, back swing, down swing, ball speed, ball distance, face angle and swing path. You download the free app to your phone – or I-pad / touch pad – the same app for I-phone or Android. Then place the device on the end of your club / iron and connect the unit to your mobile via Bluetooth. Immediately you can swing LIVE on the driving range. Every swing is stored on your mobile, where you can make statistics and see your training improvements. You can compare with PROs (in the app) and you can even film yourself – automatically and continuously – and analyze your game along with your trainer, adding borders oma. It’s almost like having your own Trackman. And GSA-ZONE is actually tested against Trackman – with documented differences in just +/- 2%

USB powered. Comes complete in gift box with carrying case and USB charging cable. 1 YEAR 100% WARRANTY.

Watch the video below to learn more.

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